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Dr. Thurman Fleet (1895-1983) was an amazing chiropractor who practiced in San Antonio, TX.  He created Zone Therapy in 1931. Dr. Peter Goldman, DC of San Francisco, CA was taught Zone Therapy starting in the early 1990s by 4 of Dr. Fleet’s direct students. He combined what he was taught by them with many years of the study and application of the principles of healing from multiple sources and created his own Zone Technique. 

The Zone Technique balances the brain and aligns the spine so that the body can restore itself to maximum health. 

Imagine that the body is a bit like an electrical system, powered by six "circuits" that formed in the brain during the embryonic stage of development. These six "circuits" regulate and influence:

 1.    The glands

 2.    The elimination process

 3.    The nervous system

 4.    The digestive organs

 5.    The muscle system

 6.    The circulation


When the body experiences emotional, physical, or chemical stress, it can result in a disruption in the normal function of one or more of these circuits. It's a bit like that circuit "shorted out." The results of a "short circuit" can create symptoms in the body - from headaches and pain to indigestion, depression, insomnia, and everything in between.

Before the Zone Doctor makes an adjustment, he or she feels six specific points on the head to determine which of the brain's "circuits" is out of harmony with the bodily systems they control. When the circuit that has shorted out is found, a chiropractic adjustment is made that gently stimulates specific points on the spinal cord.

These adjustments stimulate the spinal cord in such a way as to balance the brain centers that are involved. The balanced "circuit" can then send the proper signals back to the malfunctioning system in the body. The result is that the body becomes better able to heal itself.


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