Success Stories

Watch Sharon's Success Story

Sharon suffered from low back pain, low energy, and reduced range of motion in her neck and back. Watch how Sharon got relief from her pain and back to living a normal life again.

Watch Laura's Success Story

Laura suffered from low back pain, that was constantly uncomfortable and held her back from exercising with friends.

Watch Paul Mary's Success Story

Nagging bone pain, pressure in head and a stiff neck. See how Paul Mary got help.

Watch Sharon's Success Story

Sharon was suffering from shooting pain and numbness down her arm. M.D. and orthopedist were unable to help with pain. Trip to the ER, MRI taken, and drugs prescribed - no improvement. Watch how Sharon became pain free in only 9 visits.

Watch Jesse's Success Story

Jesse is an active guy and drives long distances for a living. Watch his story after we eliminated his sciatic pain.

Watch Brett's Success Story

Brett injured his chest, neck ,back, elbow, wrist, and thumb after a car accident. Watch his story of how he was able to recover and get back to a normal life.

Watch Kristen's Success Story

Kristen struggled with a tight low back, tight shoulders, and shooting pain up her spine. See how she got help.

Watch Katie's Success Story

Katie was suffering from digestion issues, jaw pain, neck pain, and low back pain. Watch how she was finally able to get help from Dr. Hecker.

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